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Channeling 9/19/2023

from my Galactic Star Family…

Someone asked me what are the Positive aspects of ETs/Celestial Beings, Other planets,star systems and galaxies?

This is the Answer I Received…

We are ALL ONENESS Energy birthed from the same SOURCE, Prime Creator Energy, GOD.

This is my current understanding…

1.    Earth is a School.  The Milky way is a specific Galaxy containing many schools and energies.  Created for our learning and for our Expansion (as that Oneness Energy).

2.    The Universe is WITHIN US.  Do not think like a Human or third dimensional, not even 4th dimensional with ET/Celestial or higher star beings.

3.    The Earth is one of the Master Level schools where you come in under the Veil of Forgetting, there is Duality (Shadow and Light; Fear and Love, Good/Bad, Left/Right) created for us to choose and learn lessons.  Earth contains FORM that appears REAL.  There are Spiritual Lawson the Earth: Law of Gravity, Law of Compassion, Law of Attraction, Law of Substitution, Law of Do No Harm etc… We also create thoughts, emotions, bodies, and other material things.  There is a collective consciousness we work within, and we can step out of if we learn how.  We have FREE WILL, so we CHOOSE.  Always CHOOSING

4.    We are here to Teach and Learn, Love and BeLoved.  We have Contrast so we can create NEW and Expand.  We are here toEXPERIENCE.  Many of us plan for thingsto happen to learn and grow from (or not), relationships we plan on interacting with to learn, heal and grow from (or not). Free Will means – you are free to choose fear energies or to choose love energies.  Love is the path to expansion

5.    Other planets are also Schools.  Some of those planets are tougher than Earth,others are in higher spiritual knowledge and higher levels of understanding

6.    Earth is special, in that it was created for ALL and MANY to come to Earth to learn and play and expand.  The challenge has been Duality… findingBALANCE.  Every living being on earth carries Diversity – no one right way to do or think or be in anything.  Yet we seek a collective consciousness consensus

7.    The Veil was placed because some of the first Schools and Experiments did not go very well in the Density of Form and Duality with Full Free Will.  Atlantis being an example – too much Dark and too much Light separation became destruction instead of ascension.  One of the Lemuria’sbeing an example – the light bodies were unsustainable and too crystalline forthe density of the earth

8.    As you know, we passed the test collectively!And We ARE ascending

9.    Light beings came in early and helped us with this – SETH came through with Channeled Messages; THOTH came through withChanneled Messages; KRYON (never been human energy) and ABRAHAM (non-physical consciousness) and even our Ascended Masters. For example, Jesus was brought inStarseed from Sirius and many of the others like both Marys were brought in Starseed from Pleiades to help us out and carry the message of TRUTH, LOVE andLIGHT

10.  AncientTimes already knew of all of this – Cherokee and Lakota, other indigenous tribes KNOW we are seeded by these light beings.  Kryon says we are all – the humans we know today, are ALL seeded by the Pleiadians. The Pleiadians are our star family in humanoid form.  We have different chromosomes 23 than all of the other animals on the planet because we were seeded to have this Awakening

These Light Beings are helping us.  They beam in positive light energies.  They give us guided support to help us ascend and to heal.  They are there to protect,guide, heal and shine light.  Eventually we will know them fully and interact with the ones who are still fully humanoid.  We were kept from this information because we were a Humanoid race of FEAR

Close Encounters of the 5th Kind show how the deep state sold us TV shows and movies of Unsafe and Attacking Aliens &other negative perceptions to keep us from Awakening into the Truth of LOVE Energy and 5th dimensional consciousness

I have a UFO Mothership that is my Star Family, they are the Humanoid type, I interact with them easily, keeping in mind they are in theirown Stories and Lessons on their Planets. They can provide support in terms of what they did to stay Focused on Light and Love while they were going through their awakening.  They lovingly tease me when I get caught upin Fear energies and play with them a while… I remind them they have never been Human, and I will say “you come down here and try being human for a while”. LOL!

I have contact with other star beings, star systems and universes who help me see from the higher Oneness Unity and Christ Consciousness.  They are non-physical beings here to help guide.

There is NO TIME.  We create our Realities and how we interact with this reality.  Celestial Light Beings are there to encourage me, guide me, heal, and protect me in my School Story here on Earth – When Iask and remember to listen.

In ONENESS energy nothing is Truly negative or bad; in Earth Reality you have a choice between creating with love or creating with fear –Free Will!

I consider a Starseed someone who has come in with very few if any past Human Lives, probably was not human during Atlantis (may be something else, not human) and most likely was either Pleiadean during Lumeriaor was a high Lumeria being.


There are many, many planetary systems.  I only know of the ones I have been made aware of that are part of my entourage (some I have no names for).  Pleiadeans (both tall with long blonde hair,and short with big eyes, big head and tiny everything else); Andromedans (bigheads, big eyes, white energy); Arcturians (the ones that are blue and have nogender, very little differences among them); Andromeda Galaxy, Orion (the Light beings, not the faction that went negative rogue); Big Dipper StarSystem; Lyrus (cat humanoids), Vega (bird humanoids), and the planet with the Fish humanoids.  I know OF the Mantis and some other star systems, not as familiar with them.  And of course, Draco Galaxy, which I had more negative experiences with in other schools yet do not recall ever going to school there.  The Dolphins and Whales are from a planetary/star system as well.

HOW you find this Channeling Helpful.

They see clearer. They have been through the awakening before.  Many of the LIGHT beings are fully in ONENESS consciousness and can guide us.  Have agreater Understanding – sort of like loving upperclassmen who help us out.

Oh and, they also ASCEND as we ascend.  Many have a Vested interest in the Earth gaining 5D status and graduating to higher levels of understanding.

They understand and can see through the Matrix clearer than we can and can assist with this as well.

Most of my peeps have been in schools with me on other Planets and have ascended to Ancient levels of understanding to share with Earth.

I am constantly guided to 1. Keep my VIBRATION high 2. Go Big, no playing it small 3. Hold the vision of the higher timelines (do notplay on lower timelines) 4. you are here for Purpose – all part of the learning and the game.

I am full awareness of deep state, the matrix, and other negative entities (sometimes I play in this stuff and pay for it energetically).  I am guided to just keep my vibration high, I am here to serve the LIGHT only.  I have a respect for everything else.  I just know what I am here to do.  I want what I see in the highest and best Visions for this planet!

Let me know if I missed anything.

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