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Hello Beautiful Lights, my name is Kimberly Barrett💜 and my mission is to help raise the consciousness and vibration on the planet; to activate Star Seeds; to Teach and to continue Sharing Love & Light in this Universe!

💜 On this Website you will learn about the services I offer and gain access to my Sharing Love and Light Show Podcast Episodes and more!

I am sending out Love and Light to everyone who visits my page 💜


My name is Kimberly Barrett.  I can be described with many labels: Psychic Medium, Quantum Energy Healer, Intuitive Life Path Coach, Metaphysical Mentor, Master Teacher, Ancient Energy, Blue Star Celestial Master, Death Dula, Medical Social Worker, DBT Coach/Therapist and my favorite… Empress Unicorn 💜  

I have been communicating with SPIRIT💙  my whole life, at least as far back as I can remember.  I was introduced to Crystals at age 16, provided a way to protect my energy at 16, then discovered Tarot Cards at age 20.  I hit a major life bottom in 1997, that put me on a path to a Spiritual Awakening.  
In 1999, I began my Mindfulness journey with Tara Brach and the Insight Meditation Community of Washington in Bethesda, MD.

In 2002, I became a Hospice and Palliative Care social worker for over 10 years. In 2008, I received a Master of Public Health through John’s Hopkin’s School of Public Health in Baltimore, MD and became a Director of Palliative Care at St. Agnes Hospital.

In 2010, I had a major healing done that provided a well needed Quantum Leap. I continued as a medical social worker going back to the bedside for Hospice, during that time my healing and mediumship gifts, as well as Death Dula gifts became very apparent and were appreciated by patients and families.

I have been a Spiritual Entrepreneur since 2012 offering Psychic and Mediumship Readings, teaching classes, and providing 1:1 Coaching and Mentorship.

In 2011, I was certified Komyo Reiki Level 1 by one of the hospice doctors
In 2017, I was Certified in Evidential Mediumship by Tina Escada, Mystic Horse Journey’s in Cave Creek, AZ
In 2018, I was Activated into Master Blue Star Celestial Healing by Doctor Rod Lyman

In 2021, I created a Podcast called Sharing Love and Light Show through Transformation Talk Radio, it is now aired through YouTube and my YouTube Channel @sharinglovelightshow

💙Now I spend most of my time doing what I love💜

Intuitive Guidance and Mediumship Readings

Kimberly is a Psychic Medium and provides intuitive guidance readings and mediumship readings; using natural psychic/intuitive, mediumship and channeling abilities, as well as tarot and oracle cards. Kimberly is trained and certified in Mediumship through Tina Escodo, Mystic Horse Journeys in Cave Creek, AZ.

Click on this link to schedule an appointment: https://sharingloveandlightschedule.as.me/

Meetup.com Spiritual Development Circle Group (Knoxville, TN Origins) offers Face to Face and Online Zoom spiritual donation based practice space for developing psychics and mediums!

You can also access this group through the Facebook Group:“Spiritual Development Circle Group”.

Click on these links to join:
Meetup - https://www.meetup.com/knoxville-ananda777-meetup/
Facebook - https://www.facebook.com/groups/8286374741433719

Blue Star Celestial Quantum Energy  Healing Sessions

Kimberly offers powerful intuitive energy healing, tuneup, and upgrade sessions using Blue Star Celestial Energy; Quantum Energy; Komyo Reiki Kai, Sound Healing (tuning forks, Pleiadian toning, drums and rattles).

Click on this link to schedule an appointment: https://sharingloveandlightschedule.as.me/

Life Coaching Services

Kimberly offers Intuitive Life Coaching packages to help you tap into your personal power and face forward  on your life’s path.

Intuitive Life Coaching; DBT; Intuitive Guidance; Mediumship and Channeled Messages; Quantum Energy Healing; & Metaphysical Mentoring are all included in the Intuitive Life Path Coaching sessions. Sessions are personalized to your needs.

Kimberly offers one on one Coaching through her Coaching Packages…

1:1 Mentoring with Kimberly

Looking to expand your gifts, hone in your Mediumship skills, manage your abilities, gain confidence and even turn it into a business? Kimberly is offering 1:1 Mentorship for support in your Psychic, Mediumship, Channeling, Empathic & Healing abilities. Only $80 per individual session!

Sharing Love & Light Show Podcast

New Episodes are available on YouTube “Sharing Love and Light Show” Channel

You can watch replays from Transformation Talk Radio on Sound Cloud, Apple Podcast, and on my BLOG PAGE


Learn how to put the three dance moves together (Intention, Intuition and Inspiration) with the Music (Energy) and create an Amazing Tango Dance of Life!

Metaphysical Classes

Tap into your amazing gifts, learn new skills, gain confidence in your abilities…

8 Week

Mediumship Development Series

Are you an aspiring medium? Just waking up to your gifts? or You desire to be more Evidential when you offer mediumship readings? This is the class for you. It is an 8-week intensive training for Mediums. To learn more and to find out how to sign up click on the link below:

Channeling 101 Workshop

Learn how to connect with Energy and Channel in Messages

Click on the link below to find out about upcoming Channeling workshops…

Animal Spirit Communication Workshop

Learn about communicating with the Animal Kingdom and the upcoming workshops…

Unlocking Your Intuition Series

4 Week Series to help you Unlock your Intuitive/Psychic Abilities.

If you are just waking up to your intuition and intuitive/psychic gifts or looking for more confidence, then this 4 Week Series is for you. This  Series is designed to help you tap into your innate gifts, increase confidence, and provide clear readings. Whether you are looking to use the Intuition in daily living or to be able to provide Psychic readings to others, this Series will help you to Unlock those abilities.

Click to learn more…

Blue Star Celestial Energy Activations

This energy activation is for Star Seeds, Light Leaders, Light Workers, Energy Healers, Reiki practitioners and Reiki Masters!!!

Powerful, Unlimited, Grounding, Protecting and Healing

This Energy was gifted to us to accelerate the Ascension Process!

If you feel CALLED to Blue Star, learn more about how you can be Activated into Blue Star Celestial Energy…

Free 15 Minute Discovery Call

Talk with Kimberly directly to ask questions, discover the services available and to connect energetically

The Three I’s

Master Class

3 Day Master Class expanding on Ebook material to learn how to use Intention, Intuition, and Inspired Action to step into your personal power and create the life of your dreams.

To learn more and to find out how to sign up: click on the link below…



Kimberly's class of unlocking your intuition, along with her other classes and services I have attended have been nothing but spectacular. She has helped me embrace, unlock, understand and trust my own gifts, and intuition. She helps aid you in removing fear, ego, and reservations through her compassionate teaching style, and provides a safe space to learn, and ask questions. Kimberly has given me the tools for that I will cherish for the rest of my life while I continue to give readings and help others in the future. Her personal touches, and the experience she shares is invaluable to any individual looking to understand their own intuition. I wish I would have known about Kimberly’s classes along time ago, and knew that I didn’t have to be alone in trying to figure out everything on my own. I can’t recommend her class enough!  Give yourself this gift of self-love, and self-care as you explore and embrace and unravel your gifts together.

-Danielle, Michigan

Completing Kimberly Barrett's Mediumship Development Series was truly life-changing. It was an act of self-care that surpassed all expectations. Kimberly's expertise, organization, and unwavering support created an environment where I felt empowered to overcome my doubts and fears and dive into mediumship even before I felt fully ready. Through her guidance, I discovered I can make a connection with spirit, deliver evidential messages and give healing and comfort to those I did practice reads with. The special bond formed with fellow students was an unexpected bonus. This 8-week series covered essential aspects of evidential mediumship, including working with guides, deepening connections, channeling and communicating with spirit. Completing Kimberly's course has inspired me to continue my spiritual learning. If you found your way to Kimberly, then she is your person to take that leap of faith and give mediumship development a try. I highly recommend her!”

- Daria, Washington

I have taken a few classes with Kimberly: Blue Star Activations, Mediumship, and Unlocking Your Intuition to name a few.  Kimberly is an amazing mentor and teacher.  It does not matter which level you are in on your spiritual journey because Kimberly has a way to adjust to help develop your skills whether you are brand new or have been practicing for years.  Taking her classes has helped me develop my own intuition, provided great information on starting my own business, but best of all by taking her classes (and donation based mediumship practice groups), you really become more than a student, you become part of an amazing spiritual community.  Kimberly is invaluable and her classes are worth every penny.

- Felicia, Florida

Thank you so much for teaching this class now! It has come at the perfect time for me and my path. I’m so excited to bring Blue Star into my daily life and into my healing. I love you girl. - Amy

Wasn’t sure what to expect with the medium reading from Kimberly and got more than I bargained for… in a good way. I decided to be an active participant and developed some questions and concerns beforehand and anticipated a productive exchange relating to my questions.  Kimberly has an approach whereas she connects to spirit and They will tell you what’s important, as they have a larger or higher view than you do and will provide a root resolution rather than addressing a symptom or short term; something that encompasses a large swath of multiple things including those “right now” concerns.  At least in my case. She is intelligent, caring, compassionate and experienced and strikes a very good balance between the physical world and spiritual, I highly recommend!! - JX

Kim helped me connect with family members that have passed on that I had unfinished business with. It was cathartic/healing to spend time with these thoughts and emotions and feel connected to my father – Anne L., Knoxville, TN

I can’t express just how much Kimberly has helped me over the years I have known her. She has the ability to tap into the spirit world to give guidance and encouragement from deceased loved ones that enables a person to move on in life with more confidence and love. Thank you, Kimberly for your love and guidance – Charlotte G., Maynardville, TN

After my session with Kimberly, I felt I had so much more clarity. She was very accurate and was compassionate in her delivery. Kimberly is a gentle soul who is very much in tune with her guides. My messages resonated with me and gave me what I needed to hear. Thank you for our session, it’s exactly what I needed. I can’t wait until we connect again! – P.C., Toronto, Canada

Kimberly gave me a sense of clarity, I felt a weight lifted off my shoulders – Katie T., Virginia

Kimberly helped me to unblock personal barriers, to gain new perspective and positive outlooks. She helped me find solutions to seemingly insurmountable problems – Alley F., Connecticut

When Kim sat down with me, she was calm and positive. She recognized my fears and noted the anxieties which most needed to be addressed. Her intuitive nature was especially helpful in my case, as she was able to confirm some of my own beliefs about what I was experiencing. When I followed her direction about coping with specific situations, I felt the outcome of ideal. Kim also brought in the one person I needed to speak with the most. I would highly recommend her services.

– Marcia H, Baltimore, MD

Kimberly provides insight and understanding into the causes and conditions of current difficulties and illuminates the pathway for its solution. Gives validation for current and ongoing life choices and connect with your highest form and associated guides for next steps and appropriate right action. Kimberly has been able to bring through my mother many times, which has been helpful and supportive throughout the years. – Megan Mc., Pennsylvania

I would highly recommend Kim! Her readings are extremely accurate and straight forward- there’s no questioning the information she’s receiving! I’ve also taken a few of Kim’s classes and have been blown away! I can honestly say meeting Kim has made a huge difference in my life - I’m so excited to see where my path leads!

Thank you - Patti S., Florida

Kim is a gifted Psychic Medium and Intuitive Healer. She has helped me in more ways than I can describe. She is kind and non-judgmental with her readings. If you have early childhood trauma Kim can help you heal that part of yourself. I love going to see Kim and you will too.

– Brent B., Kentucky

I recently had a healing session with Kimberly and I have to say it was an Amazing experience! When I left, I felt taller, lighter and “clean”. I have more clarity and feel more connected with my inner being. Thank you so very much!

– Marlene N., Knoxville, TN

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